The hotel BEST BALTIC “Panemunės Pilis” has 13 luxury equipped rooms (standard or suite type) inhabiting up to 38 guests. The rooms, which are named by the famous historical people who had resided there, are decorated with the thoroughly selected collection of 18-19th century antique furniture. Even the most picky guest can be excited by the authentic beds, wardrobes, cupboards, sofas, armchairs, small tables, candle-sticks, wall tapestries and unique carpets.

Each room has special laundry decorated with royal lilies weaved in Germany according to the special order, as well as the  window covering curtains, thick cloths that divide the space and canopies, create  the royal image.  The legend based on the true historical facts about the master of the room is waiting for the guests as a pleasant surprise.

  • Room No. 1 – Priest, astronomer ‘Antanas Petraitis’ Room
  • Room No. 2 – Nobleman, merchant Jonush Eperjesh’s apartments
  • Room No. 3 – Countess of the Great Duchy of Lithuania Ona Klara Pacaite-Eperjesiene’s Room
  • Room No. 4 – Nobleman Kristupas Eperjesh’s Room  
  • Room No. 5 – The Eperjeshai Jonas and Bogumila’s Room  
  • Room No. 6 – Baron, colonel Leonas Igelstromas’ Room
  • Room No. 7 – The standard- bearer of GDL Antanas Gelgaudas’ Room
  • Room No. 8 – The countess Barbora Tyzenhauziene’s Room
  • Room No. 9 – The Marshal of GDL, Mykolas Gelgaudas’ Room
  • Room No. 10 – Colonel Antanas Gelgaudas’ Room
  • Room No. 11 – The duchess Eleonora Tiskeviciute Gelgaudiene’s Room
  • Room No. 12 – Noble Jonas Gelgaudas’ Room
  • Room No. 14 – Nobleman Stanislovas Stankevicius-Bielevicius’ Room