Chef Stanislaw Czernieckis’ fish soup € 5.00
 Rich ox tail soup € 4.50
 Thick noble three kind meat soup € 4.50
 Boletus soup served in brown bread tub € 4.00
 Red beet soup with ravioli € 2.50
Noblewoman Bogumila’s snack (dried cut of venison served with red bilberry jam and plumbs soaked in mead) € 7.50
 Stuffed carp in jelly € 7.00
 Batman’s snack ( fresh buckwheat bread served with herring butter and herbs) € 4.50
 Feast from the woods (salted honey fungus served with sour cream and hot potatoes) € 4.50


 Duchess Ona’s festal dish (quail wrapped in flank and stuffed with poultry  and wild nuts, served with wine sauce and sweet pear) € 12.00
  General Gelgaudus’ favorite piece of  venison (served with fried boletus,  apples and cranberry jam and spicy stuffed potatoes) € 12.00
  Goose breast according merchant Jonusas ( goose breast marinated in apple juice served with roast apples, potato balls and fried carrot pancakes) € 12.00
„CZCUPAK PO VENGERSKU“ (pike, stewed in cream and served with silky mashed potatoes and “jažynka”) € 10.00
 Special perch for the Radvilos’ table ( According to the  Radvilos chef Stanislaw Czerniecki’s recipe perch marinated in vodka and fried in pastry ) € 9.00
 Boors’ favorite wild meat  sausages (served with sauerkraut  and mashed potato- spinach porridge and horse reddish) € 9.00
 Dean’s of Panemune favorite potato balls (potato balls served with boletus sauce) € 5,00
 Cold noses ( blueberry  dumplings served with sour cream) € 4,50


 Noble  pancakes (castings stuffed with  raisins soaked in mead and apples moistened in chocolate) € 4.50
 Duchess Eleonora’s sweets (every day made different) € 4.50
 Noblemen Eperiess maiden’s ant-hill ( with fried sunflowers and nuts) € 4.00