We intend to preserve your health. Please inform the waiter servicing you whether you are allergic to any of the products.




Salads with fried slices of zucchini and dried ham – 6,00 Eur

Ruccola, dried tomatoes, capers, hard cheese, balsamic vinegar and oil seasoning


“Caesar” Salad

Classic salad – 4,50 Eur

“Caesar” salad with chicken breast – 6,50 Eur

“Caesar” salad with salmon – 8,00 Eur


Mozzarella and ruccola salad – 6,00 Eur

Tomatoes, avocadoes, pine nuts


Tiger shrimp salad with feta cheese – 8,00 Eur

Various salads leaves, dried tomatoes, cucumbers, sesame oil seasoning


Salad with marinated in brandy salmon – 7,50 Eur

Various salads leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, slices of grapefruit, Wakame, lemon and oil seasoning, sesame seeds


Green salad with duck breast – 7,00 Eur

Various salads leaves, cherry tomatoes, mangoes, whortleberries, balsamic vinegar and oil seasoning


Traditional herring with ceps – 4,80 Eur

Served with hot potatoes


Salmon carpaccio – 7,00 Eur

Salmon fillet marinated in brandy flavoured with olive oil, capers, hard cheese and pine nuts


Beef carpaccio – 7,00 Eur

Beef fillet flavoured with garlic, capers and hard cheese




Natural chicken bouillon

Served with macaroni pouches – 2,40 Eur

Served with vegetables and chicken slices – 2,60 Eur


Creamy mushroom soup – 3,50 Eur


Creamy zucchini soup with salmon – 6,50 Eur


Filling beef soup with tomatoes – 5,50 Eur


Soup of the day – 1,60–1,90 Eur




Ratatouille with zucchinis – 4,50 Eur

Zucchinis, paprika, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, olives, green beans


Eggplants with chicken and mozzarella – 5,50 Eur

Served with paprika and pickle sauce


Fried cauliflower – 4,50 Eur


“Tagliatelle” with salmon – 6,00 Eur

Served with herb and cream sauce, hard cheese and pine nuts


Grated potatoes – 4,00 Eur

Served with curd and sour cream sauce


Grated potatoes with salmon – 5,00 Eur

Served with marinated salmon, curd and sour cream sauce


Bass fillet with anchovies and butter sauce – 11,50 Eur

Served with fried beetroots, asparagus sprouts, lentils


Fried salmon fillet with green butter – 12,00 Eur

Served with fried spinach, cherry tomatoes and pearled couscous


Halibut fillet with mint and cream sauce – 11,00 Eur

Served with crusty broccoli, fried zucchinis, rice


Fried dorada with lemon and cherry tomatoes – 14,50 Eur

Served with rice


Duck breast with brown orange sauce – 12,00 Eur

Served with hot green beans and bean salads, mashed potatoes


Chicken breast stuffed with cheddar cheese and dried tomatoes – 8,50 Eur

Served with rice and pear in the casing of dried ham


Turkey meat with blackberry and raspberry sauce – 8,00 Eur

Served with zucchini slices and broccoli


Pork fillet with dried plums sauce – 8,50 Eur

Served with various salads leaves, cooked fried potato slices


Lamb tenderloin with rib and red wine sauce – 21,00 Eur

Served with fried eggplants, tomatoes, Gratini potatoes




Salmon steak – 10,00 Eur


Chicken steak – 5,00 Eur


Pork tenderloin steak – 5,00 Eur


Pork neck steak – 5,00 Eur


Beef steak

Big / small – 16,00 / 12,00 Eur




Various salads leaves with French seasoning – 1,60 Eur


Vegetable salads with oil and lemon seasoning – 1,60 Eur


Tomato salads with oil and lemon seasoning – 1,60 Eur


Cucumber salads with red onions – 1,60 Eur


Marinated with fresh herbs and garlic olives – 1,60 Eur


Stewed spinach – 1,60 Eur


Fried vegetables with “Teryaki” sauce – 1,60 Eur


Steam cooked vegetables – 2,30 Eur


Vegetables fried on lava stones – 2,50 Eur


French fries, mashed potatoes, rice – 1,00 Eur




“Teryaki”, green peppers, red wine, white wine – 1,20 Eur




Caramelized apple pie “Tarte Tatin” – 3,00 Eur


Warm curd cake with mashed raspberries and ice cream – 4,50 Eur


Italian dessert “Tiramisu” – 3,00 Eur


Chocolate muffin with whipped cream – 3,50 Eur


French dessert “Crème brûlée” with berries – 3,00 Eur


Ice cream (various flavours) – 1,80 Eur



Various fruits, mashed berries, chocolate, caramel – 0,80 Eur




Fried Camembert cheese with cowberry preserve – 6,00 Eur


Collection of hard cheeses – 6,50 Eur


Collection of blue cheese – 6,50 Eur